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Consumers Council of Missouri works to educate consumers and advocate for issues such as fair utility rates, health care access, personal finance and others as they arise.


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Public Service Commission Stands Up for Consumers

Ameren announced plans last year to string six electric vehicle charging stations between St. Louis and Jefferson City. The pilot project was intended to gauge whether the effort would help boost the number of electric vehicle drivers in surrounding counties, relative to other areas. Seems like a good idea. One snag: Ameren, a monopoly utility company, would be able to recover the cost of build ...

Regulating Utilities in the Dark

JEFFERSON CITY / April 21, 2017 – For the first time in recalled history, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has reduced their ethical standards. As the regulatory body over monopoly investor-owned utilities in our state, the PCS has been increasing transparency and good governance standards since the 1970’s but with a new rule issued this week, we have taken an enormous step backwards. In ...

Raise the costs of all MO utilities?

Pending utility legislation would raise the costs of utilities for all Missourians with ONE exception: Doe Run. Pending utility legislation would raise the costs of utilities for all Missourians with ONE exception: Doe Run. A few of our representatives are standing up for us: Sen. Gary Romine, Sen. Doug Libla, and Sen. Jill Schupp represent a few brave voices speaking up against a torrent of ut ...

MOLEG: Don't Raise Our Rates!!

The Missouri legislature is trying to raise utility costs on top of the rate increases pending the Public Service Commission. There are over 100 lobbyists registered with the Missouri Ethics Commission arguing for higher utility costs, join our efforts to counter that! SIGN OUR PETITION!  

Legislative War on Utilities

JEFFERSON CITY -- Never have household checkbooks had so much to fear from Jefferson City politicians. Since Missouri elected a new governor and several new legislators this past November, utility lobbyists have been drafting up new schemes to squeeze ever more dollars from unsuspecting utility consumers. Over 100 utility lobbyists have registered with the Missouri Ethics Commission, including man ...