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Consumers Council of Missouri

Consumers Council of Missouri works to educate consumers and advocate for issues such as fair utility rates, health care access, personal finance and others as they arise.


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Call to action -- Lending

Black applicants in St. Louis metro area were 2.5 times as likely to be denied a home mortgage as white applicants. CCM Board Prez Jackie Hutchinson emphasized that lack of lending in predominately black neighborhoods is at a generational low. #MoConsumers ...

Senate Bill 564

The Missouri Senate has been up all night trying to ram through Senate Bill 564 .Some facts about SB 564 as it stands today... SB 564 a bill that would dramatically raise household electric rates by up to 20%. The so-called "rate caps" are phony and will not protect consumers. SB 564 would mandate a retroactive accounting method for bonus electric rate increases (PISA).  This PISA metho ...

Water Rates Skyrocketing?

Massive Water Rate Increase: 45% proposal in St. Louis County. Consumers Council has the following concerns: The request is based on an estimate of future expenses rather than audited costs, which means that consumers could be overcharged. Rates should be based on actual costs, not guesses. It would add a charge that would raise rates when usage declines, a “save more, pay more” model. T ...